Relocation of Process Metrix

Relocation of Process Metrix from the United States to Europe

As part of our ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our expanding global business, we are excited to announce the relocation of Process Metrix from the United States to Europe. This strategic move underscores our dedication to enhancing operational efficiency, leveraging existing resources, and sustaining growth opportunities for Process Metrix within Vesuvius.

Over the years, our business's success and growth have necessitated reevaluating our manufacturing capabilities. Consequently, we have determined that our current facilities in Pleasanton, California, can no longer accommodate our anticipated growth trajectory. After careful consideration, we have decided to transition our operations to a purpose-built facility in Lyon, France.

The relocation process is currently underway and expected to be completed by the end of the year. This move represents a significant investment in Process Metrix's future, positioning the company for continued expansion and development opportunities in the global market.
One key advantage of this relocation is leveraging our existing engineering and development resources within Vesuvius, our parent company. The new facility in Lyon enables Process Metrix to optimise manufacturing processes, enhance product development capabilities, and deliver superior solutions to customers worldwide.

We are committed to maintaining our high standards of service and support throughout and after the relocation. Our service teams will remain localised in their respective regions, and we will continue to stock inventory and fully assembled units in local markets to support our customers' needs effectively.
Process Metrix's top priority is ensuring minimal disruption to Customers' operations during this relocation process. We are dedicated to making the transition to Lyon seamless and worry-free for all our laser systems.
We are excited about the opportunities this relocation offers Process Metrix and our valued customers. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled service as we embark on this new chapter.

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