One Movement, One Scan, 360 Degrees Coverage

ANTERIS 360 laser contouring system combines high-speed laser scanning technology with a robust mechanical platform and easy-to-use HYPERION 3D output software. It is designed to be inserted in the vessel and perform a single, 360 degrees scan, which will capture the full vessel. It can be used in ladle applications to “see” past the skull aggregate which can, in some circumstances, obstruct the view of the slag line as seen by other traditional scanners. Integration usually requires a simple single axis manipulator, which lowers both long and short terms costs. The results are superior scanning operations performance (accuracy, insert-ability and cycle time) for all vessel types.

ANTERIS 360 is the most advanced laser contouring system on the market for metallurgical applications.


  • Safety
  • Ultimate scanning efficiency (single 360 degree scan)
  • Can be inserted (almost) in any vessel
  • Optimizes vessel availability
  • Extension of refractory lifetime
  • Highly customizable solution for most applications
  • Fastest, most accurate scanner on the market
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