For metallurgical vessels, Process Metrix has developed a range of laser-delivery systems to improve the scanning operations in the plant. From the early Mobile units to the State-of-the-art Technology of insertable ANTERIS 360, we’ll find with you the best solution for your plant.



  • Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF, BOP, BOS, OSM)
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization Furnace (AOD)
  • Any fixed-type metallurgical vessel (Contact us!)


  • ANTERIS 360
  • ANTERIS 300dm
  • ANTERIS Mobile V6



Insert-able System – ONE SCAN and DONE!

For converter plants with tightest requirements in terms of safety and productivity, the insertable system will provide a safe measurement in a single scan for the shortest turn-around time.

Process Metrix will work with your engineers and team leaders to find the best possible delivery system for ANTERIS 360. Whether your particular situation necessitates a compact design or a large manipulator, we have the right solution for you!


  • Safety
  • Ultimate scanning efficiency (single 360 degree scan)
  • Can be inserted (almost) in any vessel
  • Optimizes vessel availability
  • Extension of refractory lifetime
  • Highly customizable solution for most applications
  • Fastest, most accurate scanner on the market


Door mounted for BOF applications

BOF plants which have tight schedules and want to improve both safety and productivity have a keen interest in this product.


  • Safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased vessel availability
  • Extension of refractory lifetime
  • Highly customizable solution for most applications


Flexible, easy to use and our best value

A workhorse of the BOF world, this mobile scanner has been around for many years and it’s proven robust, reliable and easy to use.


  • Safety
  • Increased efficiency and furnace availability
  • Extension of refractory lifetime
  • Speed and Simplicity – Fast measurement times are achieved using our patented laser-based mobile positioning system
  • Can be multiplexed on several vessels
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